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Myopia, Hyperopia & Astigmatism

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We are experts on the correction of refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) using laser techniques and intraocular lens. Surgical procedures are personalized attending to the specific characteristics of the patient's eye.


Excellent vision at all distances

Vista Cansada (Presbicia) More about...

A specialised presbyopia medical unit will give you the best solution for this crystaline lens disorder which appears after the age of 45. Surgical options: Supracor Laser, Intracorneal Lens or Multifocal Lens.


Restore your vision

Cataracts More about...

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure in which the crystalline lens is replaced by an intraocular lens.

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Laser and Ocular Microsurgery

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The solid and prestigious medical staff of Clínica Oftalmológica Rahhal is renowned for using the latest personalized techniques for more than 30 years.

Our clinic is provided with leading, cutting-edge technology which allows us to offer the best solutions with the greatest possible guarantees to our patients.


A trust mark.

Medical excellence is achieved through customized healthcare and treatments tailored to each patient.

The ophthalmologists at Rahhal Eye Clinic are renowned for having a long career behind them which guarantees best quality healthcare.

Our clinic is provided with the latest and safest technology which allows us to offer the greatest possible guarantees.

We closely follow scientific research and development in the field of ophthalmology in order to offer our patients the best treatments.

We use widely contrasted examination, therapeutic and surgical processes so that our patients get the best posible healthcare.

We continuously analyse every medical procedure carried out at our clinic and evaluate patient satisfaction in order to provide high-quality assistance.


What our patients are saying

  • I will no longer have to look for my glasses in the dark when I wake up at night; correcting my myopia at Clínica Rahhal is one of the best decisions I have ever taken.

    Paloma Domingo // Teacher (age 25)

  • I have had to rely on my glasses from a very young age. Thanks to ophthalmologists at Clínica Rahhal I was finally able to live without them.

    José Miguel Carbonell // Programmer (age 31)

  • During my cataract intervention, I felt in safe hands and this helped me to overcome fear of surgery.

    Alfonso Tejedor // Commercial Manager (age 59)

  • From the very beginning they informed me and advised me about the most adequate procedure to correct my myopia. Excellent results, just as they said.

    Mª Paz Gómez // Road, Canal and Port Engineer (age 27)

  • Dr. Rahhal has been my ophthalmologist for over 15 years. I totally trust him for his broad experience and I keep going to his clinic for my annual medical exam.

    Aurora Molina // Teacher (age 51)

  • At first they did not recommend myopia surgery for me. 5 years later they corrected my myopia using a new technique which was safe for me.

    Manuel Laguía // Architect (age 45)


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