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What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia, is a direct consequence of the crystalline lens natural aging process, which commonly appears at the age of 40 – 45. The crystalline lens loses its ability to accommodate overtime making it difficult to focus on nearby objects.

Near visionVision with presbyopia

Which symptoms are present?

The crystalline lens is responsible for the majority of symptoms related to presbyopia. It is located behind the iris and it allows you to focus on close and far away objects by changing its curvature. This ability is lost as a normal part of the aging process, making it harder to accommodate and focus on nearby objects. The same happens when you try to focus far away objects with a camera´s close-up focus.

Presbyopia is a natural age-related condition which cannot be prevented, only treated once it appears.

Dr. Luis Alonso | Ophthalmologist


How can it be corrected?

Presbyopia treatment includes several options: Supracor laser, monovision and intraocular lens.

Our team of ophthalmologists will determine the most adequate treatment for each patient which varies on how evolved the condition is and on the patient’s age.

  • Age limit for laser surgery will depend on how evolved the condition is.
  • Presbyopia surgery is carried out using topical anaesthesia and it is an outpatient procedure.

Excimer Laser Procedures

  • SUPRACOR ® - Excimer laser reshapes the cornea so that the patient is able to see at all distances.
  • MONOVISIÓN - Also known as “combined vision”, only one eye is corrected to be able to see short distances and the other one is enabled to see long distances (dominant eye), having the brain to combine both images in order to ensure a correct monocular vision.

Intraocular procedures

  • INTRACORNEAL LENS - Kamra or Raindrop
  • PSEUDOPHAKIC LENS - This surgical procedure’s objective is to replace the natural crystalline lens (which has lost its ability to focus) by an artificial lens (bifocal, trifocal or multifocal).

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Our facility in Valencia

In Clínica Oftalmológica Rahhal, presbyopia surgery is carried out in our leading, cutting-edge technology facility in Valencia, which allows us to offer the greatest possible guarantees to our patients.

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