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    What is presbyopia?

    Presbyopia is a natural consequence of the ageing of the eye’s crystalline lens which usually appears between 40-45 years of age.

    The eye’s crystalline lens loses its capability for focusing and accommodation which results in progressively reduced ability to focus on close objects.

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    Dr. Alonso clarifies the most frequent doubts regarding laser refractive surgery.

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    Symptoms of presbyopia

    The main cause of presbyopia is the ageing of the eye’s crystalline lens located behind the iris. The lens is responsible for focusing on objects at different distances, and when it stiffens as a consequence of the natural ageing process, accommodation and correct focusing of close objects are affected. This effect is similar to what happens when we try to focus on close objects with a camera using a long focus lens.


    • PSEUDOPHAKIC LENS– This procedure replaces the eye’s crystalline lens which has lost focusing and accommodation capability with an artificial (bifocal, trifocal or multifocal) lens that will assume its function


    • SUPRACOR ®  – Carried out with an Excimer Laser, it shapes a multifocal cornea that allows a functional vision at any distance.
    • MONOVISION –also known as blended vision, one eye is corrected for close vision (reading eye) and the other for distant vision (dominant eye). The brain combines both images to obtain a correct monocular vision.

    Benefits of presbyopia surgery

    After surgery to correct presbyopia patients notice an improvement of life quality and a series of health benefits.

    Correction of other errors

    Other refractive errors (myopia or astigmatism) are corrected with a single surgical procedure.

    Life quality

    Comfort achieved by eliminating dependence on optical accessories.

    Significant cost saving

    Have you considered the yearly cost of eyeglasses and contact lenses? And the cost in the next ten years?


    Our medical staff is organised into specialised units per each are of expertise in ophthalmology. Specialisation allows us to offer comprehensive care and treatment.

    Our clinic works with the most advanced technology and with state-of-the-art equipment.


    “I have depended on eyeglasses since childhood. Today, thanks to the specialists from Clínica Rahhal I finally got rid of them.”

    José Miguel Carbonell.

    “I had surgery in this clinic and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I am very grateful to the staff for their consideration, kindness and  for the confidence they  inspired in me  all this time”

    Hernan Gomez.

    “Dr. Rahhal performed surgery on my eyes. He and his team were very kind the whole time. I am sincerely grateful”.

    Gotzon Valcarcel. 


    At CLÍNICA RAHHAL we are concerned with making presbyopia surgery affordable for our patients.

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    Select any of the following FAQs from our patients and check the answers. If your doubts are not solved please use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

    Will I also have cataract surgery?

    No. Presbyopia surgery with intraocular lens implant replaces the eye lens that is beginning to blur. Cataract surgery may be considered in the initial phases to eliminate the need of optical
    correction (eyeglasses or contact lenses).

    Is this a definitive procedure?

    It certainly is. Intraocular implants are permanent. If some residual prescription is left it may be corrected with laser procedure. Intraocular lenses are only removed in exceptional cases.

    Can I have this surgery if I already had surgery to correct myopia/hyperopia/astigmatism?

    Yes. The cause for those refractive errors is completely different from the cause of presbyopia, although all those disorders result in the need to wear eyeglasses. Previous surgery will not affect correction.

    Can this surgery correct my myopia/hyperopia/ astigmatism?

    Yes. All the refractive errors of a patient can be corrected with presbyopia surgery. If some residual prescription is left it may corrected with laser procedure.

    How long does eye strain surgery with intraocular lens implant last?

    Surgery usually lasts 20-30 minutes per eye and is performed with local anaesthetics (eye drops) in most cases.

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