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Patients must meet specific criteria to undergo refractive surgery (regardless of the procedure)

*Financing is subject to risk criteria developed by Popular Servicios Financieros, E.F.C., S.A.U. Example of financing for 895€. NIR: 0%, Preliminary assessment fee 2,5%: 22,37€ payable with the first monthly payment. Monthly fee: 49,72€. AER: 3.18%. Total amount owed: 917,37€. Interests are subsidised by Clínica Rahhal.

Surgery price covers a 6-month post-operative monitoring

Advanced refractive surgery

At CLÍNICA RAHHAL we want treatment to be affordable for our patients.


The cornea is reshaped from the interior of the stroma using Excimer Laser to correct refractive errors.


Also known as QFR is a refractive surgery procedure that uses Excimer Laser to correct refractive vision errors.


A new development procedure to correct myopia and astigmatism using a special femtosecond laser.


Select any of the following FAQs from our patients and check the answers. If your doubts are not solved please use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

When can I have surgery to correct myopia/hyperopia?

Refractive errors (myopiahyperopiaastigmatism) can only be corrected when the patient’s prescription is stabilised, which occurs around the age of 20.

Can I have surgery if I also have astigmatism, aside from myopia/hyperopia?

Yes, any of the procedures currently used (laser and lens implants) allow the simultaneous correction of both errors.

What happens if my eyes move during the laser surgery procedure?

The eye must remains as stable as possible during surgery, therefore patients lie on a treatment table with their eyes fixed on a red light on the Excimer Laser machine. 

A safety device called eye tracker compensates for involuntary eye movements following up the eye at milliseconds intervals and adjusting the direction of the laser pulses. In case of sudden movements the safety system fully stops the treatment.

How long does the laser surgery last?

It is a quick procedure. Patients remain in the surgery room for 15-20 minutes on average. Just a few seconds of that time are used for the application of the Excimer Laser. The remaining time is used to prepare the patient’s eye for surgery.

Is laser surgery painful?

Refractive surgery procedures are carried out using topical (local) anaesthetics (eye drops). Patients do not experience any pain during the operation.

How will the post-operative/recovery period be?

LASIK and PRK procedures have very simple post-operative processes which require only eye drops and artificial tears.

After surgery it is recommended to rest at least for 24 hours. Most work activities can be resumed after 48 hours. Patients must wait at least a week to resume any sport activity.

I have a very high prescription. Can I undergo refractive surgery?

During the pre-op check up, our medical team will examine the condition of the cornea, namely corneal width and number of dioptres to be corrected. Laser treatment vaporises corneal tissue. The amount of extracted tissue is proportional to the number of dioptres to be treated. Intraocular lens implants may be considered if prescription is very high.

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