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Cataract surgery

9 Opinions on cataract surgery

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Cataractsis the total or partial clouding (opacification) of the crystalline lens, and usually start developing after the age of 55-60. It is a common condition that will affect all of us, so we will all have to have surgery sooner or later. In this article, we would like to offer you some opinions about cataract surgery from real patients. As it is a condition that affects everyone at some point in their lives, it is very important to choose the right place to perform the surgery. At Clínica Rahhal, we have an expert cataract medical team as well as state-of-the-art technological equipment. However, let’s look at what the process is like, what results can be expected and what our patients have to say.

Before the surgery, we need to rule out the presence of any accompanying condition by means of a preoperative evaluation: funduscopic examination, blood pressure, etc. Once this has been performed, tests are carried out to choose the most suitable type of lens for the patient: a monofocal lens or a trifocal lens.

Real opinions on cataract surgery

The cataract is the result of the natural ageing of the lens, which causes sclerosis (loss of elasticity) and opacification (loss of transparency). As a result, protein in the lens may clump together and become cloudy in some areas, preventing light from passing clearly through the eye. So, sooner or later we will all have to undergo surgery. At Clínica Rahhal, we would like to give you some information about the surgery and results as well as some real opinions about cataract surgery. What does the surgery involve? Can I have surgery if I have had myopia/hypermetropia/astigmatism surgery? What results should I expect from presbyopia surgery? See more cataract surgery patient reviews on Doctoralia


Excellent care and professionalism. Cataract surgery on both eyes. Dr. Rahhal and his team make a complex surgery very straightforward.”

Tomás Cócera

Tomás had cataract surgery at Clínica Rahhal with a trifocal lens. These lenses allow the patient to see well at all distances: near, intermediate and far.  The surgery was performed on an outpatient basis, under topical anaesthetic drops. The patient was able to go home right after the surgery without any problems and get back into his normal routine.

“Thanks to Dr. Rahhal, I no longer wear glasses. I’m over the moon”

Inmaculada Ibáñez.

Here are some more opinions about cataract surgery that may be of help to you:

“It’s been only 24 hours since I had my cataract surgery performed by Doctor Luis Alonso Muñoz and I must say that he is a wonderful professional and very approachable. He explains the pros and cons of the surgery right from your first appointment. He’s such a lovely person. Above all, I can see really well and I haven’t had to take anything for the pain. I’m very grateful and I would 100% recommend.

Fernanda Martín.

Fernanda had cataract surgery using the phacoemulsification technique, replacing the patient’s crystalline lens and, in its place, we implanted an intraocular lens. In her case, it was a monofocal lens (corrects only one distance).  The surgery was very quick and painless. The recovery process was very comfortable, and she was able get back into her daily routine right after the surgery.

¿Cómo es la operación de cataratas y qué técnica se emplea?

La operación de cataratas es una intervención relativamente sencilla y bastante rápida que suele dar unos muy buenos resultados. Se realiza de forma ambulatoria mediante la aplicación de gotas analgésicas. El mismo día el paciente vuelve a casa y puede hacer su vida con bastante normalidad (a excepción de levantar peso y realizar esfuerzo físico en exceso).

La técnica utilizada es la facoemulsificación, mediante la cual sustituimos el cristalino de la persona que se ha opacificado (formado una catarata) por una lente intraocular, que puede ser o bien monofocal o multifocal.

Según las experiencias de nuestros pacientes y sus opiniones sobre la operación de cataratas, todos coinciden en que es una operación muy rápida y cómoda que da unos resultados muy buenos y consigue mejorar notablemente la calidad de vida.

Si quieres saber más detalles sobre cómo es la operación de cataratas mira este artículo.

“I am really happy with my surgery with intraocular lenses. The team were very friendly and I was really well looked-after throughout. For me, Dr. Rahhal is a benchmark in the field of eye surgery, I recommend him 100%.”

Aparecida Soler

“To remove cataracts, we replace the patient’s natural lens and implant an artificial lens, an intraocular lens, in its place”.

Dr. Rahhal

When is cataract surgery recommended?

It is important to bear in mind that, at some point, we will all have to undergo cataract surgery, as it is a condition that affects each and every one of us and cannot be prevented. By bringing the surgery forward (in other words, not waiting until the patient can’t see anything) we achieve a significant improvement in quality of life. On the one hand, we ensure that the person can continue to carry out routine tasks such as driving, reading, watching television, etc. and, on the other hand, if there is a defect such as myopia/astigmatism/hyperopia, it can be corrected in the same surgery, getting rid of the need to wear glasses. Surgery is usually performed when the level of vision that has been lost limits the patient’s day-to-day life.

opiniones Rahhal

‘’I developed an early onset cataract in my left eye leading to a very significant loss of vision. Following my appointment with Dr. Rahhal, he told me that I should not hold out and recommended undergoing the surgery as quickly as possible, which I did when I had already lost all vision in that eye. I left the clinic being able to see and, after a few days, I had fully regained my vision. I can see like I haven’t seen for many years’’.

Fernando Andreu.

Can I have surgery if I have had myopia, astigmatism and/or hyperopia?

Yes, it is possible, but some specific tests must be conducted beforehand to assess the shape of the patient’s cornea and decide on the best option. At Clínica Rahhal, we have performed numerous cataract surgeries with excellent results on patients who had previously undergone surgery for one of these conditions.

What should I expect from the postoperative period following cataract surgery? Results

Recovery after cataract surgery is very comfortable, as, nowadays, patients are operated on much earlier than was the case until quite recently. This is due to advances in research and technology alike. This prevents patients from losing visual quality, in other words, patients no longer have to wait until they cannot “see” before the cataract surgery is performed. From the first day, the patient can lead a more or less normal life except for lifting heavy weights and activities that require considerable physical effort. However, as soon as the patient gets home, he/she will be able to watch television, read and carry out other everyday activities.


“Once at home after cataract surgery, patients can watch TV, go for a walk, etc. with complete peace of mind. Some activities or professions that require effort will have to wait for roughly a week.”

Dr. Rahhal

Doctor Rahhal performed my cataract surgery, on an eye that had 14 diopters, because the NHS would not perform it due to how delicate the eye was. I am delighted everything has gone so well. It only took a few days to get my vision back. I cannot express just how thankful I am to Doctor Rahhal.”

Patricio Peñaranda Herraiz.

How much does cataract surgery cost?

Approximate costs for cataract surgery are roughly €1,500 per eye for monofocal lenses and around €2,000 (approx) per eye for multifocal lenses. However, for specific prices we recommend getting in touch with your trusted clinic, so that they can assess your specific case and perform the relevant tests and give you an exact quote. AtClínica Rahhal, we offer financing for all our treatments so that you can pay for them in easy instalments, because we don’t want cost to hold you back from improving your quality of life.


“Excellence is the hallmark of the company. I am a retired doctor and I know what I am talking about. Brilliant organisation. Unbeatable patient care. Dr. Rahhal performed the cataract surgery on both eyes and I can’t say enough about his professionalism and excellent work. He and his team offer a humane, friendly and warm level of care, making them feel comfortable and at ease. Both he and his team offer each patient a humane, friendly and warm level of care, making them feel comfortable and at ease. They really change their patients lives. I’d like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

Antonio Gordillo.

“The trifocal lens surgery was a success. The recovery process went very quickly and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I wish I had had the surgery earlier. Many thanks to the whole team.

Pablo Albert.

Is surgery worthwhile? Benefits of cataract surgery

We have already seen that cataract surgery is not really an “option” as we will all have to undergo it at some point in our lives, but we should be aware of the benefits of this surgery. Nowadays, surgery is recommended to be performed as soon as possible and not to wait until the problem has developed too much. Some of the main benefitsof intraocular lens cataract surgery are:

  • Corrects more defects: Can correct refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism).
  • At any time: It is not necessary to wait for the cataract to mature before the surgery is performed.
  • Straightforward surgery: Sutureless surgery with quick recovery. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis.

“Excellent professionals. I had the intraocular lens surgery and after 4 days I was back to full health. Thank you for your excellent work.

Víctor Cuartero.

Improved quality of life This is undoubtedly the greatest benefit of this procedure and, according to our patients’ opinions about cataract surgery, this is the first thing they usually mention. To be able to see clearly and, if need be, to not have to wear glasses anymore. All of this leads to a significant improvement in life quality.

“After the last check-up last week, it looks like everything went smoothly. This makes me extremely happy, and I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me to have the surgery with so much attention to detail and a wonderful level of care. I underwent cataract surgery and to correct farsightedness. The clarity with which I can see has taken my quality of life to a whole new level.”

Esther Alconchel Sanz.

If you are still in two minds about undergoing cataract surgery, check out more opinions on Doctoralia, its different procedures, surgery results, whether it is worth it, etc. You can get in touch with theClínica Rahhal medical team so that we can assess your specific case and advise you accordingly. You can call us on 960462121. You can also fill in your details in the form below and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.

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